- Call Centres

- Global Customer Service Clients

- Business seeking Insight into Customer Service

- Local Government Authorities

- Housing Associations

- Healthcare Providers

- Restaurants, Pubs and the Leisure Industry

- Tourism Industry

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"A very valuable piece of kit indeed"
"I'm very impressed - a powerful tool"
"Personally, I have to say this is a million miles better then the previous system we had"
"Customers, Clients, Call Centres, everything we need in one package."

Wide Ranging Options

With cmetrix we supply systems to suit every requirement.

Data collection methods span both national and global areas. We supply systems to large scale corporations wishing to measure insight from different territories, local councils wishing to measure the quality of their service provision, and even small country cottages wishing to collect visitor feedback. We have something for everyone.

Why choose cmetrix?

Point of contact

We use the latest technology to capture immediate responses from your customers at the point of contact. Giving you accurate ratings across your service areas and various channels.


Latest Technology

The latest technology ranging from Touch Screen panels in front office areas to IVR telephone systems ensures our systems stay a step ahead of the field.


Minimal staff overheads

All methods of gathering data are automated and require little or no use of staff time.


Central reporting tool

The data from the various channels is gathered together and processed almost immediately. The central 'web based' reporting tool gives you fast, accurate reporting across your organisation.


Service Improvement

It can be hard for an organisation to know just which areas require attention. The ability to break down your customer satisfaction ratings by service gives you the ability to improve upon areas in need of attention improving the way customers see your organisation.